Track your habits for iPhone and iPad

Habits allows you, in an easy and visual way, to track your habits, set some goals and check if you achieve them.

Our system will keep you motivated and will help you to get good habits and stop bad habits.

Main characteristics:
  • Allows good and bad habits.
  • You can log if you have done it or not, and optionally how many times per day.
  • Daily and weekly goals.
  • Track today’s and this week information on a single screen.
  • Colours that show if you achieve your goals.
And also:
  • It allows to archive non active habits.
  • Data stored in the device, doesn’t require connection and works on airplane mode.
  • Export data to e-mail as a CSV file.
  • Possibility of establish a daily reminder.
  • Blocking option by Touch ID / Face ID and passcode.
  • Support for Dark Mode in iOS 13.
  • Totally free, without limits.
  • No advertisement.
  • We don’t store, nor process your data.